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We have 5 houses here in Sella, all within touching distance of each other, up in the ” Raval de Sella”. The “Raval” has always denoted the part of town just outside the city limits ( in Barcelona it´s the red light district) but here in Sella it´s  used for the top two or three streets where the views are splendid but where, years ago, only the poor lived. Now it´s where most of Sella´s climbers and visitors find a house to rent, either with us or with one of several others doing a similar business.

All except Piedra have terraces and barbecues, and each house has something different to offer, so check them all out.

Roc House and Piedra are often used for our Sella Bunkhouse through the outdoor season, October to May. It´s where we accommodate one or two or three people for one or two or three nights – we get climbers from all over the world but especially from Scandinavia, Ireland and the UK, Holland and Germany. Our most exotic booking came from Azerbaijan but we get a lot of Spanish climbers driving down from Bilbao, Madrid and Leon.

The picture show La Casa del Pájaro, very comfortable, two twin rooms, two bathrooms and a big, big terrace with a substantial pergola.