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Friday October 4th and the Fiestas begin – we already had the ” Nit de les Barraques” last night – party time from midnight on, and the gunpowder-fest at lunchtime today – my ears are still ringing! But officially the Fiesta starts this evening, with  a night of events, processions, music, and dancing in the Plaza from midnight… We have the houses and the street decorated…


…and tonight we celebrate with our first dinner at Isa and Toni´s new restaurant at the Casino Bar in the Plaza. Sella has a lucky knack of renewing itself every so often in unexpected ways!

This afternoon the approach of the Fiesta was greeted by a blazing hot morning, storm clouds gathering at noon, a sudden and violent hailstorm ( stones the size of golf-balls, no kidding) then  thunder and torrential rain and now blue skies and calm…. Tomorrow  morning the first early wake up with the band and firecrackers and “petardos” in every doorway of the village from about 7:45.  You need to have stamina here to have a good time!! The band starts at midnight, the Sellardos, young and old will dance till 5 or 6 – and then get up for more. It´s a little bit bonkers but you just have to fall in love with it….