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Monday Sept 15th
Just back from a brief holiday on the lovely island of Tabarca, Alicante, so partial data only for 3 days. However, it has been extremely hot – high of 33,1 last Thursday, and almost no cooling wind. Unusually high temperatures for September, but recent studies published in the local press suggest that longer summers and milder winters may become the norm as climate change accelerates.

Wednesday September 3rd
Summer shows signs of going on for ever – but there was a brief and fierce spot of wind and rain last night about 1:00 a.m.. Not enough to register on my rain gauge.

The photo above, Cumulonimbus over Puig Campana, is by Jaume Soriano, our friend , teacher and Photoshop Guru. No PS magic here, though, just a beautiful splash of Sella weather! See more of Jaume’s photos at http://500px.com/alfanhui

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