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November 2014
The foto is of the triumphant Sella Pilota team who just won the Perxa league on the first weekend in November – congratulations, lads!! As for the weather – still in the 20’s, still no rain. Summer is in love with Sella and doesn’t want to go away!
November 8th
As I write, the Puig Campana is hidden by rain clouds and we have a group of 13 Trekkers making their way up the mountain.. in the rain. Well, they’re going to enjoy the Arrós Caldoso that Liz is preparing, once they get back. Mussels, prawns, Monkfish…. lucky, lucky people!
November 11th
Turning into a bad month for data – and it’ll get worse as we’re off to the UK for a week on Monday next. Non-scientific observation: it’s got a lot colder and cloudier and it rains a bit from time to time.
December 1st
So November was a disaster for my record keeping. A succession of groups in our houses and then a week in London to celebrate Dan and Logan’s wedding were the joint reasons. I’ll try to compensate by making December a 100% month…




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