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Another resolution to add something periodically to this post – weblogging was never my thing, to much to do, but I’ll try to record more of what we do here in Sella.

Recent excitement in the village has been the victory of our Perxa team in the first division of the Pilota league. It’s the real passion of the village – even outweighs football – and for the second year running, our A team came out Champions – Enhorabona, Xiqs! The B team were runners up in the second division, so a proud moment for Pilota fans ( that’s 100% of the village!)

Here at Las Casas del Raval de Sella, we have moved into our busy season: tomorrow we welcome the third 14-strong group of walkers since September and Liz is busy in the Pájaros kitchen making orange and almond cakes for their first big dinner tomorrow when they arrive in the village after a 25km trek from the village of Benimantell. The pace will be brisk right up to next May – then Holidays!!

Also we have the last few members of a Norwegian climbing group of 12 or more who have spent, variously, two weeks in the village and on the crags. New Year is booked up and the only opportunitywe’ll have for relaxation will be late November when we fly off to London to help Dan and Logan celebrate their wedding – looking forward to curry, Fuller’s London Pride, Cutty Sark and people I’ve not seen for years – including my children! And of course to hearing Dan say ” I do”.

After weeks and weeks of high temperatures – mid 20s centigrade, up to 31 a couple of weeks ago – at last today we get some rain. A welcome development as we are closer and closer to a serious and damaging drought. Alicante has already lost about 40,000 almond trees because of the dry conditions and the reservoirs have never been so empty. The walkers won’t like it, but the farmers will be relieved.

Sunday 9th November is going to be another big day – Catalunya gets a chance to vote on its future – if the Madrid government doesn’t send the tanks in to prevent the vote happening. There’ll be anxious moments on both sides but with the current unpopularity of the ruling clique, we hope they will do nothing rash to make them look even more ridiculous that now. We’ll see.