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This is a new page where I shall try to place, all the weather records I maintained from 2014 to the present. It’s experimental!  Soon I should be getting my new Early Bird Pro weather station with webcam and live feed – so I’m tidying things up in readiness.

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February is almond blossom time – and after the recent storms, snow, landslips, rockslides and general destruction of the countryside, it’s just what Sella needs right now.
And this morning my replacement anemometer arrived and is now installed on the roof – so as from tomorrow, there will be data recording windspeeds and direction.

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WIND SPEED DATA ERROR. I noticed today that my weather station was set to record windspeed in Metres per Second, not Kilometres per hour. So the data over the last few years is not accurate. Multiply the low value by 3.6 to get kph – but as I’m not sure when the change occurred, it’s best to regard all windspeed data here as unreliable up to today, 16/1/2017. Apologies.

Amazing weather! Yesterday morning, Wednesday 18th, we woke up to see snow falling, settling, Sella’s roofs turned white – no-one can remember seeing this before. Then last night it started raining – and hasn’t stopped yet. 92.7 mm in the last 24 hours, that has to be about 3 inches. And the gust of wind at 3 in the morning, measured at 49 kph was the last wind my anemometer will ever measure – blown down into the street and smashed. Aah well, new one coming on Monday from Oregon Scientific. I would mention yesterdays earthquake, 3 on the Richter, 20 miles away in Xixona but someone may think I just don’t know where to stop. ( No! the earthquake was for real!!)

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